Birthdays of fashion beloveds

Only three days ago, the world celebrated the 75th birthday, in loving memory, of the legendary (and late) Yves Saint Laurent. Lovers of fashion remember the haute couture king for his definitive designs of elegance. Watch this video in honor of his taste in contemporary excellence (and perhaps the most graceful take on 80’s fashion). I have always been so inspired by the exaggerated yet flowing shapes created by the French designer.


Today is August 4th, and another fashion birthday is not to be forgotten. A big happy birthday to the aging (but still smokin’ hot, how does he do it?) male supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg! You may remember him best from Calvin Klein ad campaigns in the 1990’s, but he is still the highest paid male model in the world to this day. This sexy Swede is an eye-candy icon and a gracious gift to all the ladies (and men) of the world. He can speak five languages AND probably grate cheese over those abs. Marcus, I adore you, and I hope you are celebrating your life as much as I am on this blessed day of your birth.

Calvin Klein ad, 1991

Calvin Klein ad, 1991.

A younger Marcus

A younger, shirtless Marcus.

The supermodel on the catwalk in 2009

The supermodel on the catwalk in 2009.


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