It’s True Love

My love for Lady Gaga does not stem from her elaborate costume wardrobe or unforgettable dance tracks. I have adored the pop star ever since I YouTube’d interviews out of curiosity in 2009 when she exploded onto the music scene with hit single after hit single. It was so obvious, after just minutes of watching, that the artist is incredibly intelligent, witty, and purposeful– the girl is an alien. She is sarcastic, sweet, expressive, and fascinating. People are interested in the creation of Stefani Germanotta because she is, simply, so interesting. **(Interesting is such an uninteresting word to describe a creature that is so interesting). The mystery behind Lady Gaga’s success lies in her authenticity; she is a true believer of the artistic flow that pours from her bittersweet existence. Having seen her speak to television hosts from all over the world over the past several years, I am indescribably excited for her interview with her avant-garde fashion complement Jean Paul Gaultier. Do NOT miss this hour-long special on September 13th, aired by CW (such a momentous event for this network). This marriage of two such wildly creative beings has endless possibilities. Dare we say they will create a line of apparel together? Watch this trailer for a tease:


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