Original Swagger

We live in a world where the things we wear are mass produced by some unknown hands in a far away land that we can only know by the federally mandated tags (surprise, it’s made in China!). To encourage individual expression in such a commercialized structure is… ironic.  Remember your favorite designers dress the rest of the world too. I recall in high school seeing a teacher at my school wearing the SAME little sweater I was sporting– except the teacher was a man. A girl I dislike wears my dress at the same party. Even my best friend buys the jeans I’ve been saving my pennies for… now we match every day. We all strive to look beautiful and be original. Your sense of STYLE is sacred artistic expression, part of the human experience that makes life so much fun. Take advantage of creativity.

But what are my choices?

1. Once upon a time, a magical site named Etsy was born. This website is a celebration of creativity, craftiness, and vintage finds. Handmade clothes, jewelry, housewares, accessories, even SHOOS made with love. There are styles and prices for everyone. I love this site to help me locate excellent vintage pieces. From one fashion aficionado to another, support your artists. Afterall, designers are true artists too.

Find creative takes on trends like cutouts and color blocking, as seen in this Color Block Cut Out Lover Maxi Dress by naKiMuli

2. DIY: DO IT YOURSELF! Snip up your t-shirts, dye your whites, and stitch on some flair. You can achieve a custom look with your own two hands. I frequently look to the good ole’ Internet for tips and how-to tutorials. loveMaegan is a fantastic blog for little DIY projects. I was first inspired by her feather skirt tutorial in 2009.

My colorful take on the feather skirt DIY post from loveMaegan's blog. Taken at Dexfest, Jun 2011.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
–Coco Chanel


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