Three Free Stylin’ iPhone Apps

There’s only a couple of things the iPhone can’t do, like teleporting me to other countries or turning back time. For everything else, there’s an app you can download! My homescreen is topping at about thirty applications, but I have tracked down three FREE fashion apps that are worth your download and are some of the best rated in their categories.

1. Stylish Girl – Your Fashion Closet and Style Shopping app (DDN Media, Inc):

Plan your style and organize shopping based on the clothes you already have and items on your wishlist. Take phone pictures of your items and catalog them by tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories or the season and style (dressy, casual, sporty). With your inventory you can plan outfits for a trip or map them out on the screen before you even try them on. This app is even great for shopping because you can track when your favorite brands and designers have sales and great deals! Keep a wishlist and visit the Fashion Mall to scan through bags, shoos, jewelry, accessories, and clothing like you’re really shopping. For fashion inspiration, the Fashion Lounge will link you to stylist tips, videos, and celebrity fashion ideas. This app is one of Apple’s best rated in fashion (4+ out of 5 by 105 users!)

2. ShopStyle (Sugar Inc.):

While I am incredibly indecisive while shopping and literally need to view ALL the possibilities before making a decision, this app compiles all the best shops and online retailers. Think variety, such as Nordstrom, BlueFly, Forever 21, even Pottery Barn and Container Store.  Adjust your Location to find store locations around you, and buy directly from the retailer at just a click of a button…. or tap of the finger. ShopStyle allows you to build a wishlist and snag your favorite items for the best price because they even scan and give you sale alerts. The information database behind this app is incredible— I don’t think I can shop without it or else feel like I’m making an uninformed decision (talk about developing iPhone app dependency). Being totally FREE, this app will save you so much time flipping through racks of clothing and lots of money. This app has rated 4+ out of 5 stars by 113 users; you can check more stats here.

3. (CondeNet):

This app dominates in bringing fashion news to the palm of your hand. View the best looks straight from the catwalk in high-def photographs that are delivered (almost live) during Fashion Week. With exclusive videos from top fashion shows, covers every collection I could possibly desire (while pretending like I’m actually there instead of waiting at the checkout line). This app includes ready-to-wear, couture, and even menswear, so it’s not just for the ladies. Be interactive and vote on the “Look of the Day”, or flip through pictures of fashionable socialites and celebrities at the most recent parties. This app includes trustworthy reviews on the latest looks and a fantastic fashion blog. To keep up with the times and for style advice, this app scored 3.5 out of 5 stars by 168 users.


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