2011 VMA Looks

Video Music Awards brings some of the kookiest, most creative and personal looks from stars. Sunday night, MTV was showered in silver and sparkly things… so, so much silver (IT color of the moment?) and evening embellishment. At the same time, I wonder why some guests even showed up– did you even wash your white tee? The best thing about the VMAs is the shamelessness and pure fun that sometimes goes missing with more prestigious Hollywood award ceremonies (I doubt I’ll ever see a meat dress at the Grammy’s, even on Gaga). It wouldn’t be the VMAs  if it were not for these out-of-the-box looks that we love or love to hate. About some of 2011’s most memorable outfits….

Jessie J

1.  Jessie J, the English crippled queen, did not let a broken leg get in the way of looking absolutely festive and seriously hot at the award show. The talented songwriter was House DJ for the event, having already dragged her injured foot across the stage at Glastonbury and V Music Festival. JJ, an honorable salute for being a fashionable trooper and an amazing artist. The jewel-sprinkled bodysuit and white tights are precious, especially with black and gold striped crutches. Admirably injured!




Nicki Minaj

2.  Nicki Minaj— how could anyone resist your outrageous candy-cyber-raver outfit, topped with a geometric dress thing and a wig that looks like intestines (sausages made of cotton candy?). Wait– maybe you are a Harujuku girl, except that Gwen Stefani already did it. Hold on… is that a pillow on a leash? Regardless, she always looks adorable and so animated; what a perfect VMA look to steal the show that someone else failed to deliver this year and only confused us….



Lady Gaga, "Jo Calderone"

 3. Lady Gaga, I mean Jo Calderone. I can’t help but to be reminded of Kate Blanchett’s attempt at Bob Dylan in 2007’s Im Not There. The only difference is that I am much more confused, although the cigarette behind the ear and cursing is a clever touch. I finally got it when I watched your outstanding, as usual, performance, but I believe the world was anticipating another avant-garde and highly shocking, yet aesthetically appealing, outfit! However, courageous points: 10.




Selena Gomez

4. Selena Gomez, I am so proud of you for this supremely seductive lacy number– you have truly capitalized the popularity of vampires that is going on right now. She looks like such dark beauty in this seriously plunging neckline and demure gold accessories. A marriage of a statement piece and a classic look makes a winning look for the night!







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