Calling All Hipsters with Hips

The notoriously hipster, teeny, and (forgive my French) downright slutty Los Angeles brand American Apparel has launched a new plus-size model search, accompanied by size XL to their most popular designs. Big boys and girls, rejoice! The skinny elitists have lost– American Apparel can now be worn by those previously discriminated by their larger size. We have all been watching the downward spiral of the company in the last several years, beginning with sexual harassment lawsuits filed against the CEO Dov Charney, who allegedly had “inappropriate” relationships with attractive female employees turned AA models. Rumors about bankruptcy and the brand’s plummeting stock value continued to give this brand of hipsters’ wardrobe staples unpopular press, but, of course, the most attention-grabbing gossip has always been their obnoxiously hypersexualized advertisements that stretch up and down store fronts and across giant urban wall spaces. As if revealing half-naked plus-sized models instead of skinny ones will put them in a far better light, I’d have to congratulate AA anyway for branching out to those they’ve once neglected with their tight-fitted spandex clothing that once only came in sizes XS-L! Anyone can take a picture, submit them, get votes, and win!


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