Dressing for a Legacy

46664— Nelson Mandela’s prison number has newly been turned into a South African fashion label. The contemporary clothing line includes styles for both men and women and incorporates things from preppy sportswear and graphic tees to accordion pleat chiffon dresses, but each tag bares the imprint of the former president’s hand. Some of the best looks stemming from this line, which will donate 7-9% of revenue to Mandela’s charities, include vividly patterned fedoras and bright, tropical maxi gowns. However, the anti-apartheid figure as well as his family are concerned with the high pricing and how it may represent elitism instead of Mandela’s social and political philosophies. Many South Africans cannot afford to spend what is approximately $100 on a shirt– so how does this clothing line possibly relate to the hero and his accomplishments? Chief executive of the Nelson Mandela Foundation Achmat Dangor defends the concept: “To reach the new generation you have to use the methodology and the techniques that they understand.” Will you shop 46664? You can find the brand at 15 Stuttafords stores nationwide.


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