Fast Forward Fashion

Fashion Week is upon us in only a matter of hours (24 and a half, to be exact, before the kickoff on September 8th)! Soon, fashion aficionados will have floods of next year’s looks to obsess over during the next several months. Turn your eyes to the catwalks, the lookbooks, and…. 3D videos? Designer Norma Kamali says that a “video is more descriptive, more entertaining and, really, the most detailed way to present a collection.” She will also release her collection as a 3D lookbook— a new buzzword since Burberry streamed a live 3D runway show online last fall. How could we forget the “4D Fashion Light Show” by Ralph Lauren? (Is this the fashion inspiration for Amon Tobin’s ISAM tour?)

This year, even more designers are using light and visual technology to enhance the presentation of their collections. Stay tuned, also, for Nicola Formichetti of Mugler‘s Canadian muse “Zombie Boy”, for whom he has created an incredible larger-than-life avatar that will walk in his 3D video. Without a doubt, there will be much to look at during this much anticipated week of inspirational beauty, fashion, art, visual and audio performances– fashion plus technology equals groundbreaking aesthetics.

Zombie Boy for Mugler


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