But Would You Wear It?

Ladies (gentlemen), gather round. Something big’s happened in the textile world… can you guess the industry’s newest addition? Maybe it will be QMilch: a luxuriously silky and pricey fabric formed from heat treating dried milk proteins. German designer Anke Domaske has officially developed the first man-made fiber made without any chemicals whatsoever. For those who are taken by the hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton craze, this is certainly great news! But why does QMilch sound so disgusting? First of all, pronouncing the name of the ecological fabric is precisely the noise someone makes when choking. And then, the thought of wearing milk only brings to mind the putrid odor of rotting 2% that seeps into clothes, carpet, the cracks of the refrigerator… gross! But do not be alarmed! The inventor assures the proteins you wear with QMilch do not decompose and serve antibacterial and anti-aging purposes. The braves ones who test this fabric and live to tell reviews will help us decide what to make of this new fiber. Staple or sour?


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