Steve Jobs: Inspiration Even In The Fashion World

It’s no secret that Steve Jobs’ inventions and creations changed the world; he is and will remain a legend.  His innovative visions helped mold not only the technological world as we know it, but the fashion industry as well.

As soon as the iPod emerged, the accessories market changed forever. With such inventions as the iPhone and the iPad, a whole new type of accessory appeared: the iCase. Whether it’s a bejeweled case or a sleek black holder, the cases became a form of self-expression (as are all other pieces of fashion). After a while, new accessories allowed the products themselves to be color customized to the owner’s preferences.

Jobs’ reach did not stop there:  When iPhone applications were released to the public, the free “apps” became a sensation. With at least seven free fashion apps available to any shopper, the possibilities became endless. These programs include Gucci, Gilt on the Go,, ShopStyle, iBags, Fashion Fix, and Lady Mardo’s Fashion Trivia.

Steve Jobs’ inventions created a new line of accessories and turned shoppers like you and me into the fashionistas we are today. Who would have thought that his genius would live on in such unique ways!



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