ZooShoo Launches New Website: Jewelry, Apparel, Shoes!

Two-year-old gets a face lift!
It’s name is ZooShoo,
and I wonder if you catch my drift,
or if this moment’s slipping past you…
because it’s absolutely momentous!
The anticipation has been stupendous,
so visit the site and go wild,
and shop around using our new brain child! 

WELCOME TO THE WORLD, ZOOSHOO 2.0 ! Celebrate new and easier browsing, shopping, and saving with us…. it’s been long enough. Two years old is way past due for some plastic surgery, don’t you think? At least in the world of fashion because time runs on crack (by crack, I mean caffeine…. and not meth, adderall, or cocaine. Right, models?) Also, scope the new JEWELRY section, and as always we still have the shoos and apparel.

A glimpse of the new ZooShoo website

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