Pretty in Pink: Dakota Fanning

What a pleasure it has been watching Dakota Fanning grow up. I love that she breaks the rules and wears blush, nude, and pale neutrals—  colors that would “wash-out” a light-skinned blonde simply makes her look ethereal. The best thing about the 17-year-old beauty is that she has maintained her delicate grace that works so perfectly in her golden-haired, blue-eyed favor. She does not need to compromise her pure innocence to become a glamorous woman. 

Get Dakota’s classy, lovely sweetheart style:

Bamboo's "Luscious-17" (pink)

Powder pink maryjane chunky heeled platforms: $33.50

Belted Polka Dot Skirt

Mauve vintage-inspired polka-dot chiffon midi skirt: $34.50


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