the best damn black yoga pants in the world

We all put away our highwaisted trousers, skinny jeans, and midi skirts once in a while and slip into something a little more comfortable…. like every night. Ladies who live in yoga pants, as myself, I have found the best damn yoga pants in the world. Now all other standard flared yoga pants seem lesser and inferior than these. Do you know how difficult it is to perfect something so close to ultimate comfort, flattery, and versatility? May your yoga pants never drag on the floor ever again, and (if you are tall), may these pants neither be too short resulting in the unappealing “high water” effect, for which any sensible girl has a strong phobia. These miracle pants are custom made by a pretty young little lady who lives in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina. Now you know your favorite comfy pants are made with love and not by foreign child slaves. They are constructed of “eco-friendly hemp cotton spandex jersey blend” (guilt-free lounging) with thermo-reactive technology that keeps you warmer or cooler (really!) in different temperatures. The bottoms are extra long and fit like leggings, so roll them up to show some color and push them up or down for a bunch of different looks and lengths. All this sounds amazing, and the best part is that custom-made clothing is in. I have a pair (soon to be multiple pairs)…. and all above claims are true. I look and feel like a sexy ninja gypsy creature whose elitist yoga pants never drag on the ground just because I am 5’2″. My favorite way to wear them is rolled up once and pulled down halfway over my foot like a toe-less sock. It’s hard to explain, so just look at the picture, click for more, and appreciate the design genius! Never settle for anything less than the best when it comes to wardrobe staples.

Behold the pants I am raving about!

Convertible Yoga Travel Pants/Capris by Ascended Threads, $72


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