PETA freaks over furry headphones by Dr. Dre & Oscar de la Renta

It’s been almost four years since Dr. Dre launched Beats by Dr. Dre, a line of chic, high-end headphones and loudspeakers that are known for both style and quality. The former rapper and world renown producer has collaborated with iconic haute couture label Oscar de la Renta, resulting in limited edition fluffy fox fur earmuffs over a pair headphones that retail for a whopping $695.

To no surprise did PETA begin bashing the extravagant and adorable, but arguably unnecessary, use of real silver fox fur on headphones. The animal rights organization sent a letter to Dre himself, advising against using real animal fur in his designs because of the inhumane practices in the fur trade. Leave it to PETA to remind us of the poor little foxes who were slaughtered in order to make irresistible luxury possible… Perhaps next time Oscar de la Renta and Dr. Dre can design a more affordable collaboration piece made out of a faux  fur just so the rest of us could just afford it!


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