Colors of the World: Spice up your Denim

Colored jeans are the perfect statement piece for any outfit, and the color options are endless this Spring! However, there are many people who stay clear of this trend. Here are some helpful hints on how to ROCK colored jean instead of fear it.

Tip 1: Your colored jeans are your main accessory, keep everything else with your outfit very simple, the jeans should be the main focus.

Tip 2: Colored jeans are most flattering in a skinny cut.

Tip 3: When pairing your colored jeans with a top stick to a neutral, black or white top.  However, for you Fashionista’s, there is a perfect opportunity to color-block!

Tip 4: When choosing a shoe to pair with you jeans there are numerous color and style options. When choosing a color, neutral and black is the safest bet, however you can always add a pop of color. As for styles, biker boots, flats, pumps, and ankle boots are the favorites.

Tip 5: Don’t forget to add your own style! Colored jeans look great with blazers, leather jackets, fun belts, and metal accessories.


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